“This is the most functional water pipe I have ever owned or seen. Not only is it a great delivery for my medicine, being unbreakable helps keep me active and out moving in nature without fear of damages. Great work, you’ve truly changed my life

— JD

“I tip my hat to you sir. Kudos on an immensely useful, durable and straight up bad ass piece! Oh and thanks for selling them at such a reasonable price!

— SL


“Great product. Game changer

— MM

“This is the best water pipe I’ve ever owned, really enjoying it

— JL

“I absolutely love my strong silicone water pipe

— TF

“Just bought one of these tonight. Went home and tried it. Loved it. This will make a perfect addition to my disk gold bag. And they weren’t kidding, that suction cup base is no joke. Totally worth the money!

— MM


“This is the perfect piece for a person who is recently prone to dropping things, tremors from MS. After spending too much money on another unbroken / new glass piece I have given up. This is great! 

— DD