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The Adventurer ™ and Scout, by Bend, Oregon based Strong Silicone ®, are the original unbreakable silicone water pipes. Built for the thrill seeker in all of us, and that clumsy friend we all have. Simple to use, easy to maintain, and impossible to break. Strong Silicone ® makes the most durable pipes on the market. Whether you are skiing, surfing, camping, rafting, mountain biking or laying poolside, this goliath of a pipe won't disappoint. 






DURABLE SILICONE BPA Free, Non Toxic 100% FDA Approved food grade silicone

SILICONE ICE CATCH Removable interior ice catch is easy to remove, clean, and keeps smoke icy cool. The ice catch also acts as a place to stash your stem and bowl when in transit (on the Adventurer model only)

GLASS BOWL & DIFFUSED DOWN STEM High quality inset glass bowl and down stem seamlessly fit into silicone body

SUCTION CUP BASE Unique concave base creates bump proof suction

ADVENTURER Weight 1.06 lbs I Height 14" I Mouthpiece 40mm I Exterior diameter 50mm I Base diameter 11cm I Joint 18mm I Slide  14mm

SCOUT Weight 8.4 Oz I Height 8 7/8" I Mouthpiece 30mm I Exterior diameter  38mm I Base diameter 9.8cm I Joint 18mm I Slide  14mm


WE ARE THE ORIGINAL STRONG SILICONE ®  WATER PIPE. Don't let knockoffs fool you. 

Frustrated by the fragile confines imposed by glass, and horrified by the nasty stuff in plastics, we design unbreakable water pipes that can withstand life's adventures, and everything in between. Whitewater trip down the Colorado River? Throw it in your ammo can. Bike trip to Whistler? Toss it in your pack. Taking a break from writing your thesis? Open your desk drawer, we're there for you. Because we can be. Because we don't break! We believe in our product and providing the best customer service possible. Based in beautiful Bend, Oregon, we're here to answer any questions you have. Unless, of course, we're out on our own adventure. 



Where can I buy one? Here in our SHOP, or contact us at to find a vendor near you

What is it made out of? The silicone we use is BPA Free, Non Toxic, 100% FDA Approved food grade silicone

Does my pipe come with stem & bowl? Yes, every water pipe comes with stem, bowl, and silicone ice catch

How do I clean my pipe? Use your favorite dish soap, one that isn't bad for the planet, and warm water. We recommend cleaning after every use to reduce staining

Is shipping discreet? .Yes it is. All of our products are shipped in plain, padded envelopes.

Lifetime Warranty. Good News! We offer a lifetime replacement warranty against breakage, meaning we will exchange your broken silicone water pipe body with a new water pipe free of charge. (does not include glassware) Click below for more info:


This is the most functional water pipe I have ever owned or seen. Not only is it a great delivery for my medicine, being unbreakable helps keep me active and out moving in nature without fear of damages. Great work, you’ve truly changed my life
— JD
Great product. Game changer
— MM
This is the best water pipe I’ve ever owned, really enjoying it
— JL
I absolutely love my strong silicone water pipe
— TF
This is the perfect piece for a person who is recently prone to dropping things, tremors from MS. After spending too much money on another unbroken / new glass piece I have given up. This is great!
— DD
I tip my hat to you sir. Kudos on an immensely useful, durable and straight up bad ass piece! Oh and thanks for selling them at such a reasonable price!
— SL
Just bought one of these tonight. Went home and tried it. Loved it. This will make a perfect addition to my disk gold bag. And they weren’t kidding, that suction cup base is no joke. Totally worth the money!
— MM

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Wholesale Inquires, Questions, or just say HI. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any product questions.  

- Strong Silicone Team